The return of colour, from the RAL to the NCS scale

There’s no more room for the usual grey – you need a colourful and lively, yet elegant and stylish bathroom design! Thanks to the RAL scale and the NCS scale system, you can choose the perfect shade for your bathroom furniture in the best possible way.

Bathroom colours

The word RAL stands for Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen. The latter is the name of the German Reich Committee for Terms and Conditions of Sale, established in 1925 by the Weimar Republic. It is a term we use today mainly to denote and define the colour scale used in paint and coatings.

The NCS scale is different from the RAL scale. NCS stands for Natural Color System. This designation takes the form of a logical colour sorting mechanism, which helps to define and recognise the various shades currently available.

ral ncs scale colour return - mobile demode

The return of colour in the bathroom, a detail that enhances any environment

Nowadays the NCS system and the RAL scale are increasingly used to offer finishes and coverings in different colours, partly because colour is “coming back into fashion”. In fact, it never really went away, especially for bathroom furniture. However, in recent years the focus has mainly been on the grey scale and sometimes also on white and wood colour, leaving aside the many colour shades available.

The latest trends tell us of a flawless and functional design that we can make even better by selecting attractive shades. Want to see some examples? Take a look at our Demodè, Ellittica 1, Modì and Boheme lines. We at GAIA can’t wait to satisfy your desire for colour in your bathroom!

Personalisation that makes a positive difference

GAIA offers its customers a wide range of possibilities for personalising their chosen furnishings. One of these is certainly that of being able to lacquer not only furniture, but also mirrors, display cases and bathtubs in any colour of the RAL scale and the NCS system. GAIA offers you a wide range of colours of the highest quality to lacquer practically every element, from furniture to furnishings.

All shades follow the new bathroom trends and follow the RAL and NCS scale. Therefore, by relying on GAIA you can give your bathroom a new elegance and sophistication. You will be able to change the perspective and create a room to suit your expectations and desires.

bathroom furniture new style boheme scala ral scala ncs

Which colours can you choose for your bathroom furniture, thanks to the RAL scale and the NCS scale?

The innovative NCS system is based on the different shades of white, red, yellow, black, green and blue. The RAL scale, which is widely used in the coatings and paints industry, allows you to choose from 2000 different shades. Thanks to these scales you can find the nuance that best suits your style. The colour is no longer an outline of the room, but defines its character, making it refined and original and fully reflecting the personality of the person living in it. What will be the perfect shade for your bathroom? Ask for a GAIA project and find out!