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Designer mirrors made of wood or wood pulp

When it comes to furnishing a room in the house, be it the living room, the bedroom or the bathroom, there are many elements to take into consideration. First of all, it is essential to choose furniture and furnishings that are functional, durable and made of quality materials. They should also suit your aesthetic taste, which is a very important factor. Among the most beautiful complements you should consider are mirrors. They are practically essential in any home, especially in rooms like the bathroom and the bedroom. Gaia Mobili offers many solutions with a special elegance, able to give added value to any environment. Let’s find out together what they are.

The types of mirrors you can find in our catalogue

Gaia Mobili’s mirrors are made of wood or wood pulp. Both options allow us to guarantee our customers a durable and high quality product. While wood is known to all, wood pulp deserves some introduction. In this respect, it is useful to know that wood pulp has proven to be a very popular material, especially in recent times. Typically, it consists of 95% wood flour, which is mixed with vegetable oils, solvents and glues. The mixture of these different elements produces an extraordinary result: a high-quality material with a prestigious appearance. Wood pulp is much softer than wood and therefore softer to work with. Despite this, it is just as strong and durable. Usually, special moulds are used to make pulp objects. When the pulp inside the mould dries, the object can be carved to the desired shape and decoration.

specchiere Gaia Mobili ChagallThe other features of our mirrors

Our artisans strive to create mirrors that are excellent from an aesthetic point of view and more, using the best techniques in the industry. This is why we can say that our mirrors are truly designer mirrors! This is confirmed by their detailed, refined and unique appearance. We offer mirrors in different colours and finishes, for example lacquered or in leaf, and decorated. For some types, it is also possible to create made-to-measure models. Ours are handcrafted products that can take on a classic style, but also a more modern one. This makes our mirrors excellent furnishing accessories, capable of satisfying any furnishing requirement and taste. Each of our mirrors is a special object with an elegant design, able to give rooms a touch of originality and good taste.

Specchiera Chezanne - Gaia mobiliOne of our mirrors to add value to your home

Available in various sizes, with different shapes and decorations, Gaia Mobili mirrors can transform any room into a welcoming and unique environment. Do not hesitate to discover all our solutions and ask us for more information: we will be able to give you exhaustive answers and help you find what you need… or make it for you!