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Our faucets: quality solutions

Furnishing the bathroom means carefully selecting furniture, furnishings, accessories and sanitary ware. Even the faucets, which are often underestimated, must be chosen following certain criteria and preferring quality solutions. Here is everything you should know about it.

Choosing the ideal faucet

To choose the tap that best suits your needs, the first thing you need to do is to get to know the various types of faucets on the market. There are those made specifically for washbasins, bidets, bathtub and shower taps. Then there are the more complex solutions, for example in the various models of columns and shower panels. Therefore, depending on what you need, you can specifically target one type of product.

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The numerous solutions to evaluate

To make an optimal choice, you should know that faucets are not only distinguished by their intended use, but also by their mode of operation. To date, the most commonly used models are single lever mixers that have only one handle. Thanks to it you can mix hot water with cold water, adjust the flow and open or close the water with a few simple gestures. On the market there is no lack of two-lever taps, more classic and equipped with two knobs, and other even more technological solutions. There are also other solutions to consider, but these are certainly the most functional. Single and two-control faucets are ideal in particular for the home and the other options are more suitable for public places, commercial or accommodation facilities.

Quality faucets, the one that really makes the difference!

It is clear that, in addition to choosing the ideal model according to its intended use and operation, it is important to always look for a quality solution. The faucets that you should prefer are certainly the ones that help you avoid wasting water. You should also look for products that are durable, resistant and made of high quality materials. We at Gaia Mobili have also given our best in this area, offering our customers a quality faucet… the one that really makes the difference!

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From design to functionality: we didn’t leave any details to chance

Our faucet series offer a wide range of solutions and models, available in various finishes. Chromed, gilded, bronze, copper, matt black or brushed nickel taps: depending on the line, you will have many different solutions available to suit all tastes. We offer washbasin, bidet, bathtub and shower taps with a more classic design like those of the Julia, Victoria and Olympia series. Among our proposals there are also those with a more contemporary style, available in the Aston, Boston and Phoenix collections. The latter is the best-selling, as well as one of the most popular, precisely because of its neoclassical lines, capable of enhancing any bathroom fixture. We are also anticipating a small preview of what will be the two new series we are going to produce, Tokyo and Milan, a decidedly more modern style than the others.

Our faucets made in Italy

Our faucets come in different designs and finishes. Also for this reason it is perfectly combinable with all the other elements we propose, from accessories to lighting up to furnishing accessories. Our solutions are made in Italy, reliable and durable. You can bring them into your environment by asking us for a complete project for the furnishing of your bathroom or for the completion of the same. Together with the taps and fittings we offer you all the related accessories, such as siphons, flexible and much more. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information!