Wood shelf - modern and minimalist bathroom furniture

Wood, the made-to-measure chestnut high shelf

The Wood line is one of Gaia Mobili’s most popular proposals ever. Precisely for this reason it has earned an entire section dedicated to it and is the protagonist of the Mensoloni collection. This series debuted in 2013 and immediately succeeded in conveying our vision: even a natural, linear and minimal element can become trendy. These are precisely the characteristics of the wooden bathroom tops of the Wood line.

A shelf that wins everyone over at first glance

You don’t necessarily need super-elaborate elements to create a cosy and attractive bathroom. On the contrary, sometimes very little is needed to achieve this effect. On the contrary, sometimes very little is needed to achieve this effect – in fact, it is as simple as choosing the perfect material. Wood is certainly the right choice, and the Wood range proves it. The wooden vanity tops in this series have a simple design that shows off the natural characteristics of this special material.

The soul of our wooden bathroom tops

Our shelves are made of solid chestnut 7 centimetres thick and each one is different from the other. In fact, we can work to the centimetre, in length and depth, so that we can offer personalised wooden vanity tops tailored to specific needs.

Our craftsmen do their utmost to ensure that one of the main peculiarities of these shelves is the front. This follows the natural grain of the wood, making each piece unique.

Wood is therefore a line with a soul, born of a rebellious and countercultural idea that today boasts many imitations. Despite this, it always retains its personality and uniqueness, the characteristics that only nature can offer us. For all these reasons, our wooden bathroom tops of the Wood series have proved to be a success for Gaia and the ideal solution for many of our customers.