galvanic finishes

Want a customised bathroom? You need a unique finish!

Designing a customised bathroom means focusing a great deal on design, which must necessarily meet one’s personal requirements. In addition to choosing the style and type of fixtures and fittings, customisation can also be done by selecting unique and original, elegant and modern finishes. This is our idea and, in fact, we at GAIA offer many types of finishes, capable of adding value to the furniture and, consequently, also to the entire bathroom. Here is an overview to help you better understand what we offer.

Wrought iron finishes

To create a customised bathroom, the first option we offer you is this: among our furniture you can choose those characterised by the presence of wrought iron elements. The latter can be covered with excellent finishes, polished or matt, and can enhance the entire room. Thanks to the expert hands of our locksmiths, you can obtain elegant decorations in the most popular colours: anthracite, silver, bronze, gold, ivory and rust.

Galvanic finishes for your customised bathroom

Through the galvanic finishes you have the possibility to customise your bathroom through the working of metals in furniture and fittings. Our finishes are designed to give all these elements a refined and elegant look, as well as literally embellishing the room. Gold, copper, bronze, brushed nickel… These are just some of the many finishes we offer to achieve an optimal result that meets your needs.

The precious marble finishes

If you want to make your bathroom ambience particularly refined, then you could opt for marble finishes. They represent the ultimate in uniqueness due to the contrast of unrepeatable shading and veining, which characterise this particular material. From Carrara White to Harlequin agglomerate, the solutions for a personalised bathroom are truly endless.

Furniture finishes

Finally, we cannot fail to point out that, thanks to the fantastic work of experienced carpenters, by asking for a GAIA project you will be able to obtain unique furniture. By means of finishes such as lacquering, hand-made decorations, pickling, the application of gold or silver leaf and the insertion of fabrics, you can embellish all the furnishings of your customised bathroom. In this way, each element will be unique and can adapt to your personal style.


We make your customised bathroom

GAIA allows you not only to choose from a wide range of furniture, sanitary ware and accessories, but also to customise them according to your tastes and desires. We strongly believe that

With GAIA you have one certainty: the customised bathroom you daydream about can become reality. This can happen thanks to the handicraft work, allMade in Italy, which guarantees a quality result. Discover all our products and do not hesitate to put us to the test. We are waiting for you!