The return of the classic bathroom, which does not set aside contemporary style

It is now well known that, for bathroom furniture, among the most fashionable styles in recent years there is the contemporary one. The colors, shapes and modern combinations fascinate everyone, but there are many other possibilities, which are leading us to wish again to have a beautiful classic bathroom.

With this in mind, let’s go and see what outlines the classic and contemporary style, and also discover how it is possible to create a personalized style that takes the best from both. At Gaia Mobili we can help you customize this magnificent room with ideas and solutions that are made just for you.

The classic style

What makes a style really classic? The elements that characterize this type of furniture are clearly the wooden furniture, but also the mirrors with precious frames and many other details. These include, for example, brass mixers and the numerous furnishing accessories that make every classic bathroom truly wonderful.

In short, everything is part of the classic vision that never fades away and is transformed into a style suitable for anyone seeking a refined touch of elegance. This style contrasts with the contemporary one precisely because of the great wealth of details of excellence. In fact, the modern style is much more basic.

The contemporary style

What is it that outlines a contemporary style? The most current design standard is unique and well defined, and can be summed up in a single word: essentiality. We can find this aspect in every component of the furniture, starting with the furniture with modern and regular shapes, passing through essential colours and poorly decorated surfaces.

Modern furniture should in no way overload the room. Therefore, nowadays we also find essentiality in sanitary fittings, which are almost always strictly white and accompanied by simple taps and linear and compact shapes.

lela bagno in stile classico Gaia MobiliYour personal style, for a classic bathroom with some contemporary touches

We currently have a number of solutions available. In fact, there are many types of furniture, which allow us to create a refined classic bathroom, enhanced by some contemporary elements.

A lamp, a mirror or even a more discreet complement is enough to make the environment unique and personalized! Having a classic bathroom does not mean having an antique furniture. On the contrary, it means focusing on elegance and the implementation of precious details.

Classic or modern bathroom? Our solutions tailored to your tastes and needs

Furnishing this room doesn’t mean to stick to what are the “chrisms” dictated by the style you have decided to adopt. You can space and dare, trying to create a room with an attractive and exclusive design. So, why not try, for example, to mix some classic elements with those in a more modern style? It might turn out to be a good idea!

We at Gaia Mobili can help you bring together ideas from modern bathroom furniture with some ideas taken from the timeless classic style. We’ll help you create your own design, which will allow you to have a classic bathroom… in your own way!