The Provençal style and the charm of shabby chic

When it comes to furnishing the bathroom, we can choose from numerous solutions. There are those who love the most modern and minimalist solutions, and those who always want that extra touch of class … To satisfy those who want to find themselves in a relaxing and refined at the same time, are excellent Provencal style and shabby chic style. Both have an incredible and definitely unique charm.

Let’s start with shabby chic: could it be the ideal choice for your bathroom?

Literally, “shabby chic” means “scruffy elegant.” Born in the 80s, it has become one of the most used and appreciated furnishing styles. In recent times, this style has become increasingly popular. Contrary to what can be deduced from the name, shabby chic needs study, design, care and great attention to detail.  

One of the primary characteristics of this style is the passion for recovery. In this case, the watchword is therefore “preserve”. Preserve old, broken or antique objects, and then reinvent them and give them a new life. The recovery of materials and old furniture involves the use of precise techniques, capable of giving the object a “scruffy” yet elegant look.

Other elements that distinguish the shabby chic style

This style is characterized by a particular elegance and delicacy. The most used materials are wrought iron, wood and various antique materials. The most common colors in furniture of this type are pastel shades, ivory, sand and different shades of white.

In the shabby chic style, accessories, furnishing accessories and flowers are also very important. Cotton and linen curtains are also widely used. Their shades must always be soft, floral and natural, all complemented by embroidery and trimmings.

The shabby chic furniture is unmistakable thanks to the pickling and imperfect painting that characterize their surfaces. Can you imagine a beautiful shabby and highly chic bathroom?

The differences and similarities between shabby chic and Provencal style

The Provençal style is very similar to shabby chic and has its roots in the south of France, Provence. This region boasts the presence of immense expanses of lavender, from which the main colours of the furniture in this style are derived.

The shades are very similar to those of shabby chic, but the main difference lies in the prevalent inclusion of colours such as blue and lavender tones.

shabby chic

The Provençal style furniture is always characterized by that antique look typical of shabby chic. Very common in the Provençal style are also the ceramics with floral and geometric patterns, which give an added value to every room.

We can say that both styles have common notes: they are very similar and refined enough to give your bathroom a unique look. Which is the ideal solution for you?

A bathroom in the Provençal style and with the charm of shabby chic

Our collections include Provenzale and Loira furniture, all of which can be worked to suit your needs and preferences. They present the lines of the Provencal style and a few details in shabby chic style, proving to be perfect to satisfy every desire. We at Gaia Mobili can customize your furniture making special decorations on request. We can perform this type of work on all our furniture and on the tubs, enhancing them with wonderful pastel colors. With a few tricks even the most contemporary model can become refined and full of personality!