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Sanitaryware for your bathroom, which ones to choose?

Do you want to complete your bathroom with sanitary ware that is both functional and unique? Do you want these elements to become an integral part of your elegant or classic furniture and to enhance the style of the room even more? If this is what you want, you are on the right page. Read on: we will give you useful information that will help you find the solution that suits you best.

English style for your bathroom

The characteristics that make the English style recognisable everywhere are well known in every corner of the world. The regal and refined lines enhance the details of every piece of furniture and this is also true when it comes to sanitary ware. Our collections, London and Oxford, boast discreet curves and unobtrusive shapes. They don’t stand out, but they are elegant and make the whole thing look harmonious, simple and yet elegant. The chain and one-piece cisterns have soft lines and blend in with the typical British style.

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Simple but stylish sanitaryware

Every corner of the world has its own design, with elements that distinguish the shapes of each piece of furniture. Even sanitary ware can become a design element, as we have seen with the London and Oxford collections. But what about Italian style? Is this the best style for your bathroom?
Take a look at the Roma, Pompei and Richmond collections. The first two boast elements with more predominant lines and are able to stand out even in a very uniquely decorated environment. They sit solidly on the floor, displaying sweeping curves and character, and have a distinctly classical style. The low and high cistern WCs are admired for the fluted lines in the cistern, which almost seem to define elegant columns.
Just like the Denver series, the Richmond collection also offers wall-hung sanitary ware, perfect for those who prefer more modern solutions. The square or more rounded shapes of these two GAIA collections can match any style of bathroom furniture. So whatever your choice, with the right elements and the right help, you will certainly be able to create a unique, functional, relaxing and welcoming environment.

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The 2021 water bonus for your new bathroom (only for Italy)

The latest Budget Law has brought interesting news for all those who want to renovate their bathroom by 31 December 2021. By choosing quality sanitary ware (but also taps, mixers and shower heads) and designed to limit water waste, it will be possible to benefit from a contribution of up to 1000 euros.
So it is really the ideal time to replace your sanitary ware and renew your bathroom, don’t you agree? At Gaia Mobili you can find what you need to cover your rooms with an unmistakable style, which will make your bathroom unique for you and your guests. In addition to the proposals already available and those we have already mentioned, other solutions are coming: the sanitary ware Newman and Vienna… Do not miss the next news of GAIA!