Gaia makes it possible to personalize Its furniture offering infinite solutions.
Every piece of furniture can be lacquered in every RAL colour, or decorated with any brush technique that recreates the themes and designs suggested by the lining chosen for your bathroom.
Furthermore, Gaia is guarantee of craftsmanship and can create its artwork in solid ash wood in order to offer the decape’ in all possilbe colours; Gaia can apply the golden or silver leaf on its own furniture in order to evoke baroque emotions, or again, it can inspire you with the pastel colours of gold and silver coatings, or it can at last satisfy you with the country style ot the gleanings,
always giving you the full freedom of choosing what you like and how you like it.
Such versatility can only be garanteed by a product Made in Italy, a product that is being supported by the craftsmen’s experience and their ability to meet every need.
It is a true passion for our craftsmen to work on such a natural, noble, and fascinating material.
Experienced carpenters pass down from generation to generation the secrets and the techniques to carefully select different essences and better off their esthetical and functional potentials.