contemporary bathroom furniture - metropol

Our contemporary bathroom catalogue dedicated to the latest innovations

A new catalogue with the latest products from GAIA is coming out in November. Among our contemporary bathroom solutions you will find Metropol, Liberty, Wave, Roof and Garden furniture. We present them to you in this article!

Metropol, a unique style of furniture

When classic style becomes contemporary, truly unique furniture is born, as is the case with Metropol. This washbasin unit from the NEW STYLE line has a design enriched with details that add value to any room.

This contemporary bathroom solution captivates with its materials and its precious cannulated textures. It combines square shapes with sinuous lines, creating an eye-catching play of contrasts. The doors can be lacquered in different colours and there is a choice of marble tops.

Contemporary bathroom design with Liberty

Also in the NEW STYLE line, we have included the Liberty cabinet, another of the products you will find in our new catalogue. This piece of furniture is original and elegant, contemporary yet with classic lines.

This four-door washbasin unit can be made either wall-mounted or floor-standing. Its refined design can be customised by choosing from different colour combinations of canaletto wood and RAL or NCS lacquer. The top can be made of matt resin or marble.

contemporary bathroom furniture - art nouveau

Wave: design and functionality

Among the furnishings belonging to the CONTEMPORARY line, we have also added the washbasin unit Wave. Its minimalist design, without stylistic excesses, captivates with its simplicity. This contemporary furniture is beautiful in its sobriety, but does not put functionality aside. In fact, it offers large storage space with a groove opening, useful for storing laundry and personal care products.

Wave is the ideal choice for those who want contemporary bathroom furniture characterised by simple yet attractive lines. This furniture can also be customised according to personal requirements, choosing between different finishes, sizes, types of tops and number of drawers.

The elegance of Roof

The Roof also belongs to the CONTEMPORARY line and impresses with its contemporary look. With furniture like this, we are able to convey our concept of modernity, which includes a simple yet elegant design. Roof can be made in Canaletto Walnut or Basswood, or lacquered to RAL or NCS scale, and the top can be made of ceramic, matt resin, marble or crystal. With its drawers in different sizes, it offers space, practicality and convenience, presenting itself as a contemporary bathroom design element not to be underestimated.

Garden: minimalist furniture, but full of character

Also belonging to the CONTEMPORARY line, Garden is reminiscent of the Roof washbasin unit. However, it displays a style all its own: minimal and refined. It catches the eye and surprises even without exaggerating aesthetic virtuosity. With its cornered oak front and lacquered body, Garden can be customised both in size and in the number of drawers and finishes. Here too, there is a choice of ceramic, marble, crystal or matt resin tops.

Don’t miss our new contemporary bathroom furniture catalogue!

Those we have listed are just some of the proposals you will find in our latest catalogue. Remember that it will be out in November: don’t miss our new contemporary bathroom furniture solutions!