Neoclassical luxury bathroom: which sanitary ware to choose?

If your wish is to realise a neoclassical luxury bathroom, don’t worry: with GAIA you can do it. Many people think that this type of bathroom is not feasible because Nordic and modern style furnishings have taken over. However, this is not the case. There are still those who like to realise elegant, luxurious and refined bathrooms, without putting functionality and comfort aside.

We at GAIA prefer precisely this type of furniture and put the support of our skilled craftsmen at your disposal. We can create the bathroom you want for you… and the sanitary ware? Yes, we can think about those too!

Which sanitary ware to choose for a luxurious bathroom

If neo-classical style is what you prefer, your sanitary ware should also follow the same line: what you need is something just as elegant and, of course, just as neo-classical! You can opt for the floor-standing models, which are characterised by a refined design and are equipped with a ceramic flush cistern, which creates a unity with the toilet. For your neoclassical luxury bathroom, you can also opt for hanging sanitary ware with a built-in cistern.

Countertop solutions for the neoclassical luxury bathroom

If you are looking for countertop sanitary ware that will enhance your ambience with an extra touch of elegance, take a look at our London collection. It will win you over with its simple yet elegant look, just like the models in the Pompei line. If you want to include something different in your bathroom that will catch the eye at first glance, we recommend evaluating the Vienna collection. With its square lines it can help you create a neo-classical luxury bathroom that is nothing short of perfect.


Suspended sanitary ware

Wall-hung sanitary ware can also embrace the neoclassical style: the important thing is that it has an appropriate and aesthetically appealing design. We have several options available in our catalogue, all characterised by unique and elegant lines. Discover our collections Denver, Newman and Richmond.

Neoclassical luxury bathroom: the final details

As you may have noticed, GAIA offers different solutions to meet every need. We have sanitary ware for all tastes and furnishing styles. Once you have chosen your favourites, you can also ask us to make them unique with special decors… The choice is yours! Of course, for the washbasin and bidet you should select the most suitable faucets. GAIA Mobili offers you not only furniture and sanitary ware, but also high-quality accessories among which you will find numerous collections of faucets. Take a look at our section and you will see that many models take us right back into the past… They have a fascinating old-world look and the functionality of modern-day products.

Ask for a GAIA project to realise your neoclassical luxury bathroom composed of high quality, made in Italy furniture, sanitary ware and accessories. Contact us and we will immediately offer you the support of one of our local agents or one of the retailers closest to your home. So you can start shaping your new bathroom right away!