luxury bathroom

Luxury Series, when the bathroom is really a luxury bathroom

The bathroom is certainly one of the most personal and customisable rooms in the home! We spend a lot of time in this room dedicated to taking care of ourselves and, precisely for this reason, it is always a good idea to furnish it carefully. At Gaia, we have the solution for those who want a luxury bathroom. Would you like one too? We can help you create a luxurious yet practical environment that reflects your character and lifestyle and meets all your needs.

The bathroom according to Gaia

At Gaia, we are experts in designing and creating beautiful, customised bathrooms that are highly functional and long-lasting. We have a large team of skilled craftsmen who are all experts in creating exceptional furniture from the finest raw materials, strictly Made in Italy. Since 2009 we have also been producing taps, baths, shower cubicles, etc. in-house.

We can therefore guarantee you a complete, quality luxury bathroom that is tailored to your wishes. The craftsmanship of our solutions allows us to offer you customised, design-led bathroom solutions.

Luxury: the luxury bathroom as a lifestyle

Our Luxury line is clearly inspired by the splendour and magnificence of the timeless Baroque style. The collection is aimed at those who interpret luxury as a lifestyle. It offers furniture that is curved and curved, or simply classic in form, but always rich in inlays, friezes, carvings and precious details. All workmanship is done entirely by hand, an aspect that enriches and adds value to our solutions.

All details are impeccably cared for by our skilled craftsmen. These skilled masters can create a complete bathroom range for you with single or double washbasin units and drawer units. The Luxury series allows you to create a luxury bathroom with glass door cabinets (available with or without drawers) and tall cabinets. Those of the Gaia line are all valuable objects, made of solid wood and finished with precious details such as gold or silver leaf.

luxury bathroom furniture

Our furniture and your taste for your luxury bathroom

For us at Gaia, you are at the centre: our furniture is all designed and manufactured to meet your tastes and needs. Our aim is to help make your home welcoming, beautiful and comfortable to use. That’s why all the furniture in our Luxury range can be customised to suit your tastes. You have the option of changing the finishes and choosing the handles that best suit your style, creating the luxury bathroom furniture of your dreams with us. Our furniture will help make your home unique with a clever mix of elegance and sophistication. The sinuous lines of the Luxury series will captivate you with their appearance and also with their materials. Discover all the details of our collection HERE and don’t hesitate to contact us: your new luxury Gaia bathroom is waiting for you!