luxury bathroom furniture - baroque style

Luxury bathroom furniture: the Baroque style

Luxury furniture is synonymous with class and sophistication, especially when it comes to bathroom furniture. Luxury bathroom furniture comes in many styles, and one of the most popular is the Baroque style. Do you know what it is? Do you want to know what it’s like to see if it’s the style for you? Here’s what you should know about it and our advice to help you choose the best bathroom furniture from this unique artistic and cultural movement.

What is the Baroque style in interior design?

The term Baroque defines a specific period in European art history, characterised and dominated by extrousness and fantasy. The Baroque style also aims to inspire a sense of wonder when it comes to luxury bathroom furniture. This style is characterised by monumentality, decorative exuberance, the use of columns and various decorative motifs (flowers, fruit, putti, allegories, etc.). Also typical of luxury bathroom furniture clad in this style is the use of different colour materials. The most commonly used are ivory, glass and various types of wood.

Baroque furniture can be curved, with parts covered in gold (the latter is prevalent in Baroque furniture), and combined with large carved and gilded mirrors. Basically, by choosing the Baroque style you will give your bathroom a touch of elegance, class and eccentricity that no other style can evoke.

How to choose furniture for your luxury Baroque bathroom

If you have decided to buy luxury bathroom furniture, and the Baroque style appeals to you, we recommend that you focus first on the quality of the materials. We also suggest that you carefully consider the decorations, details and finishes: everything must be perfect. Aiming for craftsmanship and the beauty of Made in Italy is another of our recommendations. If the materials are not high quality, if the finishes are not excellent and if the decorations are not made by skilled craftsmen, it is better to think carefully. When this is the case, the furniture is not always able to guarantee its beauty in the long term.

Customised production

The best solution is almost always to request the production of customised furniture. In this way, you can have luxury bathroom furniture made to measure and you can choose the materials and finishes. This will allow you to create a bathroom that is truly unique in every way.

Luxury bathroom furniture: our Luxury collection

If you are fascinated by the idea of Baroque style and would like to bring luxury bathroom furniture into your home, please take a look at our Luxury collection. You will find furniture that will become the absolute protagonist of your bathroom. The furniture of this line is rich in detail, where gold glitters and inlays abound. They are perfect for those who see luxury as a way of life, even when it comes to choosing furniture. Request a GAIA project as soon as possible!