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The hotel accessories that complete your bathroom

When a guest enters a hotel room, one of the things they pay most attention to is the bathroom. Welcoming guests into a well-maintained environment will make their stay more pleasant. With this in mind, today we are talking about bathroom furniture for hotels and, more specifically, the accessories that can make any room more welcoming and special.

The importance of the right accessories

Very often it is the small details that make the difference. To make a bathroom warm and homely, you need accessories that are not only beautiful, but also functional. When a room has the right accessories, the guest notices. The presence of the best elements enables the guest to appreciate the room as a whole much more.

Bathroom furniture for hotels: solutions not to be underestimated

At Gaia, we also deal with bathroom furniture for hotels, and experience has taught us that one of the first things to pay attention to is the bath or shower furniture. It is important to equip the rooms in your hotel with towel rails for towels. An elegant soap dish, toothbrush holder and baskets for personal hygiene products should also not be missing. All this is essential to provide the welcome and comfort that guests need. It is also important to include in the room a small dustbin in which to dispose of waste without having to leave the room.

Mirrors for the bathroom

Speaking of hotel bathroom furniture it is useful to say that mirrors are just as important for women as for men. In addition to the large one above the sink, a good choice is to provide a magnifying wall mirror. This will allow the guest to apply make-up, shave or style themselves accurately and you will greatly enhance the image of your hotel.

Care for guests with disabilities and bathroom equipment for hotels

Another very important aspect to be taken into account is accessibility for the disabled. In order to comply with standards and to make it more comfortable for these people to use the room, it is strongly recommended that the bathroom be equipped with additional handles and supports. In addition, all fittings should be at a height that is also suitable for people with mobility difficulties or wheelchair users.

Coordinating accessories

In order for the overall view to be aesthetically pleasing, all accessories should be coordinated. The choice of style depends on personal taste: there are lines of accessories in satin, chrome, gold or bronze finishes. If you like your hotel bathrooms in a more classic and elegant style, you can opt for gold – a colour that is always in vogue. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more minimalist and modern design, chrome or satin is the best solution.

Bathroom furniture for hotels: a Gaia project for your hotel

No matter what style of hotel bathroom furniture you choose, remember that choosing the right hotel accessories will greatly enhance the user experience. As a result, you will also improve the image of your business. Discover our complete accessory series (Regent, Berkley, Brilla, Tubò, etc.) and ask for our new catalogue, in which you will also find all hotellerie accessories. Among our accessories you will find magnifying mirrors, dispensers, bath/shower baskets, waste bins, hair holders, handles for the disabled and much more. Our hotel bathroom solutions are made of brass and are available in various finishes (chrome, gold, bronze, etc.). Request a Gaia project: we will help you find what you need to make every bathroom impeccable!