classic style hand-decorated bathroom furniture - handcrafted bathroom furniture

Handcrafted bathroom furniture: decorated furniture, the ultimate expression of tailoring

GAIA furniture is entirely made in Italy. Our handcrafted bathroom furniture is made from quality materials and with meticulous attention to detail. Handicraft is one of our strengths. This allows us to offer our customers the opportunity to make any of our products unique.

Our aim has always been to ensure optimum aesthetic performance. That is why the customer is the true protagonist of every project we undertake. He can ask us for the customisation of the piece of furniture he prefers, according to his taste and needs. Each item of handcrafted bathroom furniture proposed by GAIA can become a decorated piece of furniture, unique in its kind.

The ultimate expression of tailoring thanks to our decorator

Our furniture can be enhanced with special decorations or shapes proposed directly by the customer. So, if you would like a special and totally unique piece of furniture, just consult our catalogue and contact the GAIA team directly.

Together we can find the ideal solution and design the perfect handcrafted bathroom furniture and decorated furniture for your property. Once the design has been created, our decorator takes care of the rest. He can make engravings, decorations or drawings of various kinds on any part of the chosen furniture. With his skilled hands as a master craftsman, he can finish the furniture and add value to its design.

Want to get an idea of what you can expect from GAIA’s handcrafted and decorated bathroom furniture?

If you love classic style and want a piece of furniture with soft, rounded shapes that fits in with its surroundings, then Ariete is for you. You can request a decoration such as the one proposed on the product page or opt for a simpler design, but all in all you get a very elegant piece of handcrafted bathroom furniture. What about the Cipro? This bathroom furniture boasts a compact design that is both sophisticated and very decorative.

The elegance proposed by GAIA

If you prefer handcrafted luxury-style bathroom furniture with unique inlays and decorations, then you might want to take a look at the Arcor cabinet, which can feature finishes that are nothing short of special! The same goes for Marilyn, an elegant and refined washbasin unit on which you can implement exceptional decorations… Looking at these products will give you an idea of our concept of customisation: your bathroom deserves the highest expression of craftsmanship and tailoring.

What is the perfect handcrafted bathroom furniture for you?

What is the perfect decoration for your bathroom? What furniture is right for you? In addition to the finishes, we offer you the possibility to customise your furniture by choosing between different sizes and colours, but also between many tops in different materials.

Our aim has always been to help our customers create the bathroom of their dreams, giving personality to each piece of furniture with excellent materials, the right lacquer and special decorations. Don’t hesitate to request our catalogue of handcrafted bathroom furniture and more information on decorating and customising our furniture.