Furnishing accessories for a designer bathroom

Is it a design bathroom that you desire? If you answered yes, the first thing you need to know is this: what you should do is choose elegant and functional furnishing accessories. Mirrors, lighting, radiators, accessories… What are the ideal elements for your bathroom?

When choosing, don’t forget that the 2022 bathroom trends tell us about natural, soft, nature-inspired tones. They also tell us about modern yet elegant details, precious details and unique finishes. We at GAIA offer you a selection of products that are just right for you and that will help you create a designer bathroom.

And light was…

There is no perfect bathroom without the perfect light. It is important to choose the right light, almost certainly natural or cool depending on your preference, but also to choose the perfect lamp. Among our furnishing accessories you will find a wide selection of lamps of various types, all characterised by elegant and sophisticated lines. We have models in different shapes and finishes, each suited to a particular style of interior design and all capable of adding value to any designer bathroom.

Each product we offer will help you create the right atmosphere for relaxation. In our selection you will find indirect lights, wall lamps and fascinating ceiling lights.

bathroom accessories - wall lamp

The must-have mirror

In combination with lighting accessories, you cannot fail to choose an elegant mirror. Our range offers models featuring prestigious inlays made by our master craftsmen, but also more modern and minimalist solutions created by our designers. We offer you many stylistic variations: each mirror is designed to offer an object that reflects the personality of each of us. If you want a mirror with classic lines, take a look at the Abruzzo model. If you want something even more refined, Bazille will win you over!

Designer bathroom: not just lighting and mirrors

Of course, the perfect light and the right mirror are not enough for a designer bathroom. That is why you will find so many more products in the furniture complements section of our website. Accessories, radiators, washbasins, sanitary ware, bathtubs, faucets… Each element is a detail that can make the difference and add an extra touch of personality and functionality to any room. Each of our lines is designed to impress and to please, to give value and to guarantee high quality.

bathroom furniture complements - specc

A GAIA project to create your designer bathroom

As you have been able to see, our wide range of products will meet your every need, offering you many high-quality furnishing accessories. Each of our products is made by the skilled hands of master craftsmen who know how to value the craftsmanship of Made in Italy. Their creativity can help you customise your bathroom and make it unique, to say the least. If you want to create a designer bathroom, be inspired by our solutions and do not hesitate to request a GAIA project. Together we can realise the ambience of your dreams!