finishing of furniture complements

The finishing of furniture complements for a stylish bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms that should be looked after down to the smallest detail in the home, in a hotel and, why not, in other commercial environments too. Not only should it be functional and welcoming, it should also be made aesthetically appealing. One way to give the bathroom style is to choose a good finishing of furniture. What would you like your bathroom to look like?

The various types of finishes available

Thanks to advances inThanks to advances in technology and the best craftsmanship techniques, it is now possible to give each piece of furniture a unique personality. There are many finishes available, and all of them can cover every surface in a different style. Some can make a piece of furniture look more modern and easier to clean. Others, on the other hand, give an antique and refined look. In short, there is a furniture finishing for every need and preference.

The finishing of furniture complements for the Gaia bathroom

At Gaia, we offer a wide range of furnishing solutions, as well as a wide selection of finishes: gold, light gold, bronze, brushed nickel, copper, brushed gold and matt black… Our aim is to give our products a noble and precious look, as well as strong, durable and quality surfaces. We want our customers to be able to choose and have numerous customisation possibilities. Allowing each person to select the finishing of the furniture they prefer is one of our strengths.
Lacquering, antiquing, decorations and leaf work allow our craftsmen to enhance the beauty of furniture and frames. Marble, crystal and porcelain are used to coordinate tops and basins. Then there are the various galvanic processes that allow us to give colour to accessories and taps.

bronze finishing bathroom accessories

Everything coordinated for a unique style

From the idea to the design, right up to the finished bathroom, we at Gaia do our utmost to create the most suitable environment for you, coordinating all the elements in the room.
When you have to create a bathroom with a particular finishing for the furniture, it is always difficult if not impossible to ensure that all the elements are of the same finishing. With Gaia, on the other hand, you have the possibility of making all the accessories, from the larger ones (accessories, tapware, lighting…) to the smaller ones (sanitary fittings hinges, supply taps, siphons, etc.), in the exact same finishing Great, don’t you agree?

Galvanic processing service

At Gaia we tried to think outside the box and in the end we chose to offer an galvanic processing service for finishing of furniture. This service is useful for transforming or giving a new colour to items with different finishes. It is a process that can give metal objects more resistance, but also more character and style.

Finishing of furniture accessories: it’s time to request a Gaia project!

As you can understand, creating your dream bathroom is our goal. We want it to have the sinuous or square lines you’ve been imagining for a long time, and the colour you love. By requesting a Gaia project you can have what you like and let our skilled craftsmen create the perfect bathroom for you. You can choose the finishing of furniture you prefer and create a unique and special environment. Take a look at our collections: from furniture to complements, we will certainly not disappoint you!