Fine raw materials for an unrivalled luxury bathroom

Having a luxury bathroom is an asset that many people absolutely do not want to give up. But what is the main characteristic of a bathroom of this calibre? If you want to create a high-quality ambience characterised by the utmost elegance, the first thing to do is to choose fine raw materials. Which ones are the most popular and what are their special features? Here is everything you should know about them.

Wood first

When you want to create a luxury bathroom, the first material not to be underestimated is wood. Why? Firstly, because this material is elegant, has character thanks to its precious grain, and lends a unique style to the room in which it is placed. In addition, many types of wood are durable and durable without any problems. This is the case with pine wood and also with acacia wood. Having wooden furniture in your bathroom is an efficient and intelligent stylistic choice, but it also makes the room feel very cosy.

All the beauty of brass for the luxury bathroom

Another prestigious material that you can use to create a luxury bathroom is brass. This material boasts incredible aesthetic and technical properties. This material is perfect for giving the room a refined aesthetic appearance. Brass hardware can enhance the ambience and make it even more unique.

Marble? Can’t miss it!

Finally, among the most valuable raw materials and perfect for creating a luxurious bathroom, we recommend marble. Cleaning it is not difficult and the optical effect offered by this material is exceptional. In addition to this, it must be said that marble manages to counteract certain negative phenomena such as mould and moisture. Marble also ensures durability and longevity, especially if it is cared for properly.

Customisation to achieve perfection…

In addition to selecting the best materials, when deciding to create a luxury bathroom you must place great value on personalisation. A bathroom will never become the perfect bathroom if it does not have a personal touch, don’t you agree? With this in mind, it is clear that it will be essential to carefully choose the complements, accessories and even the finishes. What you need is a customised, detailed project designed to meet your every need.

Would you like an unrivalled luxury bathroom?

Now that you know the fine raw materials that are perfect for your elegant and classy bathroom, all you need to do is turn to the professionals in the sector. By relying on GAIA, you will be able to avail yourself of furniture made from materials of exceptional quality and you will be able to compose the bathroom of your dreams! Each piece of GAIA furniture has its own why, its own character and its own style, without ever putting functionality aside.


Marble, wood, brass… but also crystal and wrought iron: which materials do you prefer? Tell us your idea of a luxury bathroom and we will get to work proposing the best solutions. We can work out a customised project for you, designed to meet your every need. Contact us as soon as possible!