ellittica wooden bathroom cabinet with carrara marble top and ceramic washbasin

Ellittica, the most popular bathroom furniture in the new catalogue

Our new catalogue has just come out and we already know which pieces of furniture are most popular with our customers. One of them is certainly the Ellittica bathroom furniture. It has its own style, its own character and it certainly has its own reason. Today we are talking about it in this blog post: what are the characteristics of this bathroom furniture solution proposed by Gaia Mobili?

The new arrival of the New Style line

Ellittica is part of our New Style line. If you look at the section, you will immediately realise that it contains products with a unique and contemporary style. They are suitable for those looking for something modern and elegant at the same time. There is no shortage of colours and prestigious, quality materials such as marble and wood. Ellittica is a model that stood out right from the start, quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions in the new catalogue.

This special bathroom furniture is distinguished from others by its vertical milling, just like the Domino model from the Contemporary line. It also boasts a distinctive oval shape: an original design that adds personality to any room without taking up too much space (dimensions 123×56 cm). It is available in a supported version (with legs) and in a suspended version. Both are captivating with their attractive style, finishes and details that enhance the overall design.

The customisation that always makes the difference

At Gaia Mobili, we always try to offer highly customisable models. This allows each of our customers to choose a truly unique piece of bathroom furniture. Also for Ellittica we offer the possibility to paint the surface of the furniture, following the RAL or NCS scale, without any price increase. Ellittica is characterised by the presence of a refined brass handle, available in different finishes: chrome, gold, bronze, copper, matt black, brushed gold and brushed nickel.

On the pages dedicated to each of the two versions of Ellittica you will see a model with a top in Calacatta marble and one with a top in B. Carrara marble. Carrara marble. If you want to bring all the beauty of this bathroom furniture into your property, you can choose between these two solutions. You can also select any other type of marble. In short, there is no shortage of possibilities for personalising this furniture!

Is this bathroom furniture for you?

This high-end furnishing solution has quickly become very popular, especially with architects and interior designers. It really does have what it takes to win over those who love the world of design and its many facets. If you like your bathroom to be attractively shaped and stylish, and if you want to furnish your bathroom with fine and sophisticated solutions, Ellittica is just what you need. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You can also ask us for a personalised consultation: we can help you find the ideal bathroom furniture and create the perfect environment for you and your loved ones. We look forward to seeing you!