countertop basin - a modern and elegant solution

Countertop washbasin, a modern (and classic!) and elegant solution

A countertop washbasin is a special piece of furniture that can help you create a very unique bathroom. It is both modern and classic at the same time… it all depends on the model you choose! In any case, you can be sure of bringing an elegant and unique element into your home and/or work environment. It is a washbasin that is not only extremely functional, but also adds an extra touch of personality to any bathroom.

Why choose this type of washbasin

We’ve already given you a few reasons, haven’t we? It must also be said that, compared to more traditional sinks, a countertop basin has the advantage of taking up less space. The truth is that it offers extra space underneath, thus helping to maximise any room.

In our catalogue you will find so many different models, which differ not only in shape, but also in capacity, material and colour. That is why you will certainly be able to find the one you like best. We can offer you an excellent washbasin that fully meets your needs and tastes in furniture style. Below you will find some tips, pointers and information you need to know.

A ceramic countertop basin

Ceramic is certainly one of the most commonly used materials for sanitary ware, and we therefore recommend that you also consider it for your countertop washbasin. These washbasins can come in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Among our models, one of the most popular is certainly Alfa. With its oval shape and vertical motifs it helps to make any bathroom functional, contemporary and refined. Much more linear and simple, however, is the Bowl model. It is a essential and contemporary countertop washbasin, perfect if you are looking for a minimalist decor. Provence is a more romantic washbasin that is definitely worth considering. It combines delicate, light lines with a floral decoration in pastel tones… Gorgeous!

ceramic countertop basin

The elegant crystal

Contrary to what you might believe, glass washbasins are extremely resistant and robust. Our countertop ones are finely covered with a ‘leaf’ of a different material. This gives the product a unique colouring and a different finish. How would you like to consider a countertop crystal glass washbasin?

Our solutions are designed to please even your most difficult tastes. Discover our products: just to name a few, you can find those with gold, silver and black leaf.

Choosing resin for the countertop basin

Resin is one of the most innovative materials we use for the production of our different countertop washbasin models. It is a solution that offers the right compromise between lightness and strength. In our our catalogue you will find rounded or squared models that will make your bathroom more modern and highly functional. Contact us to request a GAIA project and your bathroom will never be the same again!