colours for bathroom furniture - light colours

Colours for bathroom decoration

Are you thinking of renovating your outdated bathroom? Considering that most of your time at home is spent in this room, this is definitely an important decision! We have a few ideas to share with you that may help you in your choice of bathroom furniture. In particular, we will talk to you about colours, inspired by the most popular interior design trends for 2022.

Back to nature

Certainly the topic of sustainability is one of the cornerstones of 2022. It is a trend in the bathroom furniture sector, but also in many other areas. Trends are leading us towards greater use of natural materials, first and foremost wood in all its types andcolours, lighter and darker. It is the ideal material both for furniture and for decorations and accessories. It brings a sense of relaxation and serenity into our environment.

In recent times we have also seen a return of warm tones, of oriental inspiration. People are also opting for more delicate shades of beige and for stronger tones, again inspired by nature. How about tops and washbasins in cream shades or earth colours? As far as bathroom furniture is concerned, you can give plenty of space to shades of brown and rust. In this way you will create a warm and cosy bathroom.

The dark one we like very much!

Do you prefer bold combinations? Then you’ll be happy to know that contrasting combinations are still very relevant in 2022. The use of glossy black, dark grey and even gold, perhaps combined with stone, stoneware or marble, creates a elegant yet harmonious bathroom. In this 2022 it is also a good idea to favour industrial and minimalist style bathroom furniture, characterised by metallic and lacquered but never cold colours.

colours for bathroom furniture - dark colours

Coloured bathroom furniture… it’s beautiful!

This year’s trends also please lovers of bright, sunny colours; yes to positive, exuberant shades, yes to rainbow-like décor. You can see your bathroom tinged with pink, orange, yellow, but also turquoise, blue and violet. The choice is yours!

The year 2022 sees a revival of optimism and a desire to dare in the colour combinations of bathroom furniture. So it will not be difficult to indulge in a wide range of colours for tops, furniture and shelves, creating a sunny, cheerful, energetic room.

Mix and match

Nothing prohibits the combination of various trends to create a unique and personal room. Therefore, give the green light to combinations of darker colours and pastel shades… black sanitary ware with walls in shades of sand, or cream tops and furniture and anthracite walls! The important thing is that everything is to your taste and pleasing to the eye.

Gaia’s bathroom furniture colours

We at Gaia always follow trends, and combine the best trends with the creativity of our master craftsmen. We use the best materials, from wood to marble, and give the customer a choice of different finishes and colours. So, if you feel like renovating your bathroom furniture, all you have to do is put us to the test! Discover our products QUI.