Briccola: from the Venice lagoon to your GAIA bathroom

Do you know what briccola is? We at GAIA Mobili can bring all its beauty into your bathroom. It’s a great expectation, isn’t it? Let’s find out together what we are talking about and how this interesting design element can make your bathroom unique.

The Venetian style that conquers all

Venice is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Romantic, evocative and rich in art and culture, it is a wonderful jewel within our territory. The unique characteristics of this location have given rise to a true Venetian style.

It is a sophisticated and elegant design, whose various elements recall the magical atmosphere that only Venice can emanate. This is why we at GAIA wanted to offer our customers at least one design element that brings the centuries-old history of this city into their homes: the briccola.

Briccola Mobili bagno Gaia Mobili

Venice and the briccola

As you know, the wonderful city of Venice is built on many small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. That’s why it is full of canals, on the sides of which briccole are placed. The briccole are in fact sets of two or more poles that are plunged into the water to mark out the navigable canals. The poles are made of European oak and are usually about 10 to 15 metres long. The diameter may vary depending on the use.

Wood - Briccola - Bathroom furniture - European oak wood

Bricks and Sea Worms

Also contributing to the attractiveness of the briccole are so-called ‘sea worms’, small molluscs that live in brackish waters. They usually attach themselves to the posts of the briccole and feed on the wood they are made of. This species is known as ‘teredine’, more precisely Teredo Navalis, and has become famous!

In fact, thanks to these marine worms, each briccola is truly unique: each pole boasts a “designed” surface that makes it different from any other. The combination of the presence of the teredins and the time that leaves its marks on the wood means that briccole have become a much appreciated element in the world of design.

All the charm of briccola in your bathroom

Periodically, Venetian briccole are replaced to prevent them from becoming dangerous for navigation. At this point, their second life begins: they become part of the furniture of many homes (and not only). So, imagine having a little piece of Venice directly in your bathroom… The atmosphere would become more than special! Don’t you agree?

It may seem impossible, but it is not at all. In fact, we at GAIA offer our customers the extraordinary opportunity to have a beautiful original Venetian briccola in their bathroom.

briccola Veneziana Gaia Mobili

GAIA solutions

Our briquettes are dipped in a good amount of crystalline resin, which can have a glossy or matt finish… This makes them even more special! We turn these wooden posts into special furniture and design elements that can be compared to a work of art.

We are sure that every little detail will make your GAIA bathroom truly unique. Don’t hesitate to discover our solutions and ask us for a personalised project.