Bathroom washbasin unit: how to choose it 

Has the time come to modernise your bathroom? Have your sanitary ware and tiles outlived their usefulness and need a change of style? The bathroom washbasin is the one that needs to be chosen with the greatest care.

The sink is the first piece of sanitary ware we see when entering the bathroom, so it must be visually striking. It should also be functional and offer all the space necessary for storing laundry and personal care products. The materials available on the market vary in style and need. So you will be spoilt for choice and have plenty of options to consider.

The preliminary choices: from size to type

When it comes to choosing the basin furniture for the bathroom, a few factors must first be considered: the size of the room and the intended use of the area under the basin. The first is the size of the room and the purpose of the area under the wash basin. The second factor should be considered when choosing the type of furniture. If, for example, it will be used for laundry, it might be a good idea to look for one with drawers. If you will be using it for products and laundry, the cabinet may have closed and some open compartments.


Choosing the material of the washbasin unit for the bathroom

Another element to consider is the material. The washbasin itself can be made of ceramic, which is more durable and easier to maintain. Modern solutions also include the use of resin or treated plastic, a very practical choice in some specific contexts. Washbasins are also made from coloured ceramics, porcelain stoneware (which is much more durable than ceramics) or glass. Some are even made from a mix of materials such as marble resin, which requires special pastes for cleaning, or eco-cement. The latter is easy to clean and unaffected by acidic products such as perfume or acetone.

A ceramic bathroom sink is certainly the best choice when it comes to maintenance and costs. However, it is certainly not a bad idea to opt for other, more innovative materials. You should also consider the materials chosen for the top of the bathroom washbasin and, of course, the furniture underneath the washbasin. From marble and wood to modern materials, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The important thing is to choose high-quality, durable and long-lasting surfaces. With the help of specialist companies, you can get a product with a long service life and great design.

Bathroom washbasin unit: customisation is what you need

Depending on the style and look you want to give your bathroom, you can choose different types and structures. You can choose wall-mounted, pedestal, built-in, freestanding… The advice is to find professionals who can guarantee you high levels of customisation, from colours to finishes, sizes to materials.

This is exactly what we do at GAIA Furniture. We offer you a wide range of models, made from the best materials. We also give you the possibility of customising the basin furniture for the bathroom according to your taste and needs. Discover our collections and don’t hesitate to ask us for a GAIA project. Realising the bathroom of your dreams is our mission!