Bathroom tops: ceramic, resin, marble or crystal?

When you decide to renovate your bathroom or buy a new washbasin, it is often necessary to choose a good countertop. Nowadays, you can opt for different qualities and models of bathroom countertops. There are, in particular, those made of ceramic, resin, marble or crystal. Which is the best choice for you? Let’s find out the characteristics of each option. You will see that by the end of the article you will have a much clearer idea.

The characteristics of the ceramic top

Ceramic is currently one of the most commonly used materials for washbasins. This is mainly because it is extremely resistant to shocks and even scratches. Ceramic is recommended for those who want a functional and durable bathroom countertop that is easy to clean and sanitise, without sacrificing aesthetics. In addition, it saves not a little compared to other products.

Ceramic countertops can be found in various shapes, colours and sizes. The most popular are those with customised decorations and finishes.

The special features of resin tops

Resin is another of the most commonly used materials for making washbasin countertops. It is processed, coloured and decorated as desired to make perfect, functional bathroom countertops. This material is popular because it is light, durable and economical. It can make any modern and comfortable bathroom.

The marble bathroom top and its positive aspects

The marble finish is very valuable as it can be adapted to any style, whether modern or classic. There are currently several types of marble to choose from, each with unique characteristics. The Carrara White, for instance, conquers with its grey veins. The Travertino, which is also highly prized, can give the bathroom a unique look, particularly thanks to its beige colouring and numerous nuances. Marble bathroom tops can be used under washbasins, but also for other countertops.


The merits of a glass top

Crystal is a very pleasant material as it has a refined and elegant appearance. Moreover, contrary to what one might think, it also makes it possible to create strong and durable countertops. Crystal bathroom tops can be found in different finishes, in polished, satin and honed variants. In any case, it can contribute to making your bathroom excellent in every respect.

What is the perfect bathroom top for you?

As you can see, there are different materials to evaluate and each has certain peculiarities. Which is the most suitable for your bathroom? Do you prefer ceramic, resin, marble or crystal? If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask us for personal advice. By relying on GAIA, you will be able to find the ideal bathroom top and create a truly unique ambience. We invite you to evaluate our proposals, including high-quality furniture and complements, and to contact us for more information. Together we can design the bathroom you have always wanted. That’s a promise!