arredo bagno tendenze 2022

Bathroom furniture: trends 2022

Today we are talking about bathroom furniture and trends 2022: what are the trends to consider when choosing furniture? If you’re having your bathroom redone, you should know that this year’s trends bring furnishing solutions that combine sophistication with minimalism, functionality with elegance, to every room. The trend is towards natural colours and geometric shapes: linear for furniture and rounded for suspended sanitary ware. There is also talk of floor-level showers and sustainable coverings…


When it comes to bathroom furniture, the 2022 trends point us towards furniture with clean, essential lines. The latest proposals in the world of design see furniture combined in one continuous block as the protagonists. Thus, the washbasin furniture is often combined with other supporting elements, creating a whole that furnishes the bathroom in style.

This solution provides order and harmony, but it is clearly not the only one. There is no shortage of diversified compositions in which several separate pieces of furniture can be inserted, characterised by elegant and at the same time sober lines.

Bathroom lighting and trends 2022

Lighting is always important, especially in a room like the bathroom. The latest trends suggest minimalist and efficient solutions. Simply install the right LED lights on the mirror to create an attractive play of light and add elegance to the entire room.

The most striking coatings

Among the most popular wall coverings for the coming period are those that evoke oriental and Zen atmospheres, but also mosaics. The latter are reminiscent of Mediterranean and geometric designs. Still on the subject of bathroom furniture and trends in 2022, it’s worth noting that the world of design will increasingly offer us natural materials. They give the room a touch of elegance and are a minimalist and timeless choice. Sustainable materials such as wood are recommended, and porcelain stoneware can be used for the shower area, as well as marble or stone.


The beauty and functionality of wall-hung sanitary ware and more…

You will be enchanted by the strong colours of the new trendy sanitary ware, with contrasting combinations that still guarantee a harmonious look. Considering the latest bathroom proposals and the 2022 trends, you may still decide to opt for ceramics in a traditional colour. If you don’t, you can go for alternatives in black, grey, brown and green and even light blue with a vintage feel. Wall-hung sanitary ware will always be popular, giving a more modern and functional feel to the room and making it much easier to clean.

The latest trends also speak to us of the floor-level shower, which is ideal, above all, for rooms with limited space. In this version, the tray is also ideal for children and elderly people with mobility problems.

Bathroom furniture trends 2022: what else should you know?

One final element that will characterise bathroom design this year is a bath tub placed in another room. Generally the bedroom is preferred: this is a good solution for those who want to create a luxury atmosphere of great impact!

If you want to bring the latest bathroom furniture solutions and 2022 trends to your home or work environment, ask GAIA for support. We’re here to help you bring the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of to life.