Modì - New Style bathroom collection

Bathroom furniture: Modì, the New Style suitable for all contexts

Modì is one of our best-selling bathroom furniture lines in the last two years. Why is it so popular? We are convinced that it wins you over with its modern design, its colours and its simplicity, but also with the numerous functions offered by each piece of furniture. Each piece of Modì furniture has its own personality and wins you over from the first impact.

Many solutions for all tastes

One of the proposals of this line dedicated to bathroom furniture is the Modì 70 washbasin unit. It is simple and versatile, functional and comfortable. It is available in the suspended and floor-standing versions and has a drawer and an open space for storing towels and other objects. This two-tone furniture is just as popular as the Modì 90 model, which offers two small drawers instead of one, and the larger and even more attractive Modì 105.

The contemporary Modì line also offers a handy make-up station, which is a perfect match for the colourful Modì chest of drawers and the functional column with two doors. Each element is so versatile that it fits right into any context. It is ideal for those looking for a youthful but not too eccentric bathroom furniture, cheerful and sober at the same time.

The modularity of Modì

As we were saying, Modì has proved to be one of our most popular bathroom furniture lines in recent years. Precisely for this reason, this New Style has carved out a space of its own among our collections. In the new Gaia Mobili catalogue another of the main characteristics of this line is highlighted and presented in detail: modularity.

Modì furniture is now available not only with a base of 90 or 105 centimetres, but also in 60, 70 and 80 centimetres for the version with one drawer. For the version with two drawers, there are also modules of 90, 105, 120 and 140 centimetres. In any case, it will also be possible to request both the suspended version and the floor version.

The strengths of our bathroom furniture range

In this new life, this line carves out an even more important role for itself in Gaia’s bathroom projects. The versatility, functionality and modularity of the series will, as always, be enhanced by the quality of the product and the numerous possibilities for customisation. In fact, each Modì element is made with the best raw materials and thanks to the skilful craftsmanship of our artisans.

Like all Gaia furniture, Modì solutions can be customised in terms of the choice of colours for each part of the furniture and in the individual details. We can make every component of the line to measure, but can also produce any type of matching accessory (washing machine cabinet, wall unit, made-to-measure cabinet, etc.) on request.

Bathroom furniture: ask us for a Gaia project and a customised solution

Ask for a Gaia project for your bathroom furniture. We will propose a personalised solution designed especially for you. As always, all we need is your drawing, an idea or a wish. Then we’ll get to work to make sure that this image takes shape and allows you to have the perfect bathroom for you.