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Bathroom design and bespoke joinery service: discover how to bring GAIA furniture into your home

Would you like to avail yourself of excellent bathroom design and tailor-made carpentry services? If you answered yes, you are in the right place: that is exactly what we offer at GAIA. We take care of customised furniture and create a bathroom according to your wishes and needs. We value details and put functionality combined with design first. We always choose the best materials and use exclusive quality components. Read on to find out exactly what we can do for you and how you can bring GAIA furniture into your home.

Our Collections

GAIA has been providing its customers with a wide range of solutions since 2003. We offer Made in Italy and handcrafted products. Everything starts with meticulous planning, then we rely on our bespoke carpentry department to make excellent furniture. Our craftsmen work according to the needs of each customer and value every detail. They create high-quality furniture and hand-craft every single inlay. Discover all our collections!

In addition to furniture, we offer everything that is needed to complete the bathroom environment: from taps and fittings to sanitary ware, from bathtubs to shower cubicles, and even fittings.

The bespoke design and joinery service

We have decided to put each of our customers at the centre of every realisation process. Precisely for this reason, we offer a bespoke bathroom design and joinery service. This means that we can start from a drawing and begin customisation. In this way, we can create truly unique pieces: if you choose GAIA, you will have a high-quality and also unrepeatable piece of furniture! What dimensions are best suited to the space you have available? Which decorations and finishes do you prefer? Would you like a marble top or a wooden shelf? You tell us what you would like to find inside your bathroom and we get to work creating unique pieces and classic, elegant furniture elements.

The customisation of each product

Whatever your choice of bathroom furniture, with GAIA you can customise everything. All of our products (not only the furniture, but also the complements) can be modified and customised according to the most specific requirements. We create unique decors and offer finishes of various kinds. We will put our creativity and all the experience of our skilled craftsmen at your disposal and ensure that your bathroom is literally unique!

bathroom design bespoke joinery service

Customised design and joinery service: we are waiting for you at GAIA

As you could understand, requesting a GAIA project means having the possibility of creating a customised bathroom. With GAIA you can request the creation of any type of furniture. We can start from the models in our collection or from another design and create something unique for your bathroom. You can ask us for anything from the simplest to the most elaborate workmanship.

Thanks to our design and tailor-made carpentry service, we can bring to life the bathroom you have long imagined! But how can you bring GAIA furniture to your home? We are located in S. Antonino di Casalgrande (RE), but you can purchase our products anywhere in Italy. You can contact us to request support from an agent or to find out where your nearest dealer is. You can also find a list of our agents directly QUI. We are waiting for you!