bathroom furniture - wooden bathroom cabinet with fabric covering

Atelier and Loft bathroom furniture by New Style

It may sound absurd, but the bathroom is one of the places where we spend most of our days. Considering this detail, why shouldn’t we customise it? New Style is one of the bathroom furniture lines from Gaia Mobili. This collection is dedicated to all those people who like to add a touch of originality to every aspect of their lives and also to every corner of the house. Within this line there are Atelier and Loft: quality furniture for a quality bathroom.

Classic style embracing modern style

New Style’s Atelier and Loft furniture is a combination of classic and modern styles. Their design is capable of giving every bathroom a unique and personal touch. The furniture in this bathroom range is fully customisable in both size and finish. So if you want to bring them into your own home, you can also choose the right type of marble for your bathroom.

At Gaia Mobili we offer you the possibility to realise customised bathroom furniture projects. Therefore, we can create elements and complements for every corner of the room, starting from the front paneling for your bathtub up to the washing machine cabinet.

detail on wooden bathroom furniture with fabric covering

The colours and fabrics that will win your guests over

When furnishing a space, colours are often the last decision, which is also the most important and difficult one. It is advisable to make a wise choice that will be appreciated in the long run, also because those will be the shades that will be in front of our eyes every day. With Gaia Mobili you can choose the shade that best represents you from a vast range of colours on the RAL or NCS scale.

In addition, the Atelier and Loft bathroom furniture solutions from the New Style range offer the possibility of covering drawers and doors with various types of upholstery fabrics. With a wide range of textures, colours and graphics to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice and be able to create a unique bathroom! And if you can’t find the right fabric? No problem! We at Gaia Mobili give you the possibility to use a fabric chosen by you in one of your trusted shops.

Why choose Gaia Mobili’s New Style line of bathroom furniture?

Gaia Mobili is a 100% Italian brand that creates handcrafted bathroom furniture solutions. Therefore, the Atelier and Loft furniture and all other furnishings in the New Style range are of the highest quality. Each one is unique and unique because it is produced piece by piece by our master craftsmen. They choose the materials they use with great care and can be considered true artists in their field.

Relying on us means opting for the elegance of real bathroom furniture made in Italy and surrounding yourself with competent people who will guide you in the realisation of the bathroom of your dreams. Don’t waste time and visit our website now to get to know Gaia Mobili’s New Style line. We are waiting for you to propose a project tailored to your desires.