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All the elegance of Gaia Mobili bathtubs

If what you are looking for is a wide range of innovative and refined solutions for the furnishing of your bathroom, you are in just the right place. Gaia Mobili is in fact able to offer you many options to fully satisfy your every aspiration, both in contemporary and classic style. Among the many products made in Italy that we have designed to win over our customers, our bathtubs certainly stand out. They are many and each model has its own personality. Which one will be perfect for your bathroom?

Gaia Mobili’s collections: the materials that make the difference

Gaia Mobili offers solutions that adapt to your every need. Some of the bathtubs are called Camilla, Adel, Bonville, Austin, Primrose and Margot… We have chosen names with a certain style, but also unique materials such as acrylic, cast iron and marble resin.

Acrylic is considered one of the most practical materials, as it allows to create sophisticated and sophisticated shapes and is highly appreciated for its incredible resistance and lightness. Cast iron, on the other hand, is the ideal component to furnish a bathroom in retro style but with a more contemporary cut. It is resistant and boasts many aesthetic peculiarities and more. However, if your bathtub is to be unique, the ideal solution is certainly marble resin: an innovative, resistant and functional material.

Each of these materials can be the ideal and perfect choice to make your bathroom very elegant and refined. You can easily combine the relative bathtub groups in the three different options: wall-mounted, on the bathtub rim or with columns on the floor. Together we can create a unique and fascinating bathroom from every point of view.

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Our bathtubs, always synonymous with quality and personalisation

For us at Gaia Mobili, elements such as the search for quality and the creation of a long-lasting product are fundamental. It is equally important to make our customers choose the details they prefer. Precisely for this reason, we offer not only many different models, but also the possibility of lacquering the marble resin and cast iron models in any colour.

This allows us to give your bathroom a truly unique and original touch. Customisation is to all intents and purposes an element that cannot be absolutely missing during the creation of the bathroom. Don’t you agree?

Bathtubs and more: furnishings and complements

Our bathtubs are made with a sophisticated design and impeccable workmanship in every respect. The same applies to all the other furnishings and complements that we offer our customers. Furniture, washbasins, sanitary ware, mirrors, decorative radiators, lighting, accessories, taps and fittings… Each product is capable of ensuring quality, durability and a unique design.

We love to redesign each bathroom by proposing a project tailored to the personality and needs of the customer. All we need is an idea or a desire just hinted at to propose the bathtubs best suited to you and the perfect furnishings to enhance your home and other environments.