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6 Original ideas for furnishing the bathroom

Furnishing the bathroom is not easy. You have to pay attention to many details and find furniture that provides functionality, durability, practicality and comfort without sacrificing design. In this article we will give you some hints, ideas and inspiration to consider.

Idea n.1 – Be won over by furniture with a Contemporary wash basin

Contemporary is a GAIA collection that offers many furnishings with great character. Some make the classic style more contemporary, bringing a mix of elegance and modernity to the bathroom. The refined and sinuous lines of the Style 2 washbasin vanity unit are sure to win you over and help you decorate your bathroom the way you like it! If you’re looking for something more basic, the Lacquered Shadow cabinet, with ceramic washbasin, is certainly an option you shouldn’t underestimate.

Idea n.2 – Choose to furnish your bathroom with the modern style of the Studio collection

The modern style is all the rage today and is still a popular trend in the design world. For those who love this style, the Studio collection offers many furnishing solutions. The Piramida line is one of the most popular, with its unique shapes and profiles and its mother-of-pearl lacquer. Simply fantastic.

Idea n.3 – Go for the Classic!

Do you love the classic style? If you have answered yes, then let our Classic collection captivate you and choose to furnish your bathroom with one of its models. Our master craftsmen have created beautiful furniture with precious details and classy elements. Anemone, for example, is an antique walnut piece of furniture with a marble top and ceramic washbasin. It is the epitome of classicism and will add character to any room.

Idea n.4 – Meno è più…

“Less is more. This is a phrase that can also be appropriate if you want to furnish your bathroom in a minimal style. If minimalism is a style that appeals to you, take a look at our Shelf units with washbasin. Simple yet attractive, beautiful yet durable and full of style, our wooden countertops are suitable for every bathroom. They fit perfectly into every context.

furnishing the bathroom - style

Idea n.5 – Luxury bathroom design

Luxury never goes out of fashion and we can bring it into the bathroom. Our Luxury collection can help you dress your rooms with personality without sacrificing functionality. Discover the furnishings in this collection: you will find furniture rich in detail, inlays and shades full of style. This line is aimed at those who see luxury as a lifestyle and who want to furnish their bathrooms in line with the most exclusive trends in the industry.

Idea n.6 – All the beauty of New Style

Perhaps you want something that will make your bathroom look glamorous and at the same time modern and elegant? If so, you can get involved with the furniture from the New Style range. This is a new style that interprets the bathroom in an original way, with a hint of eccentricity and a welcome play of contrasts.

Furnishing the bathroom: which solution is right for you?

If the ideas we have put forward have left you with a desire or inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a GAIA project. Together we can furnish your bathroom with taste, style and Made in Italy craftsmanship.